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  1. Goodwin isn’t very good so far not the most exciting of appointments and no I’m not willing to give him time why should I??
  2. Rangers or Celtic will always win so what does it matter?
  3. Jokes about India that is so funny mate well done really brilliant humour really great well done
  4. Seems he is being greedy and it backfired on him. Goodwin and AFC have handled it remarkably well, different story if it was a star striker in their prime but it’s not. Considine has been a bomb scare his whole career and dresses as a woman although it was pretty good when he scored a hat trick against Dundee not many defenders can say they have scored a hat trick and he scored a hat trick remember
  5. Why aren’t we talking about McGowan’s hair style?
  6. Deduct points every time it happens.
  7. Huns due a penalty or 2 today
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