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  1. Get this post removed ,you are not a fan
  2. i dont understand your humour or your pals ,can i join your we gang ,we could meet after school or does your mummy walk you home?
  3. It’s great reading all the replies especially when none relate to the football topic,I think you all must be related ,I posted a general topic in regards to fans how they can now affect a game and you lot cannot understand the basics of the topic.As long as your we gang are all happy it means I have made your Monday’s brighter only problem is how do you lot get passed Tuesday .
  4. Ojo gets sent off and it a game changer ,so do we allow this to happen every wk or do we put fencing into the grounds to stop fans getting near players,where does it end it cost AFC 3 points on sat
  5. why by your own admission you 1903 fitba suck dicks
  6. the only simple one is you ..HAVE YOU EVER PISSED YOURSELF is this a normal conversation you often have ?
  7. 3 point deduction would be a fare result ,fans cannot be having a say in games
  8. How can a fan from DUNDEE UNITED PUSH a ABERDEEN PLAYER ,The players gets sent off and the its a game changer ,this cannot be aloud to happen DUNDEE UNITED must have 3 points deducted ,also at what point did SG throw the player under the bus , he was re carded from complaints to the ref,DUNDEE have two shots at goal and one is in the net ,its the same every wk .We have a keeper that cant control his area or save shots.
  9. How the feck can you blame the manager for individual errors ie a goal keeper who can’t make a decision or a save at fir park two shoots two goals the same today ,he shoots and he scores especially against AFC never a truer word spoken .
  10. I thought DC came across very well in the whole interview, he is backing all the staff to turn it around together including himself , Stats are a massive part of sport today and he added the stats are excellent which they are , all fans must pull together ,it appears to me its the same ones constantly banging on about the team , the coaches , the directors ,the owners etc,its not as we are getting hammered every wk , we are close to making it work so lets get back to being supporters of AFC .
  11. This page should be taken down ,it’s not doing anyone any good.
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