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  1. YOU LOT = Fans who think they can run the club better than anyone else, think they own the club , talk shite on this site , probably don t attend many or no games , give out personal abuse to other posters when they don t agree, never gave SG a chance. REAL FANS , Back the team wk in wk out , backed SG and his team to turn it around ,
  2. What level do think Aberdeen are at , if he had got Joe LEWIS out the door we would have been at least 9 points better off
  3. It does not take much to fuck off you lot , i am sure he dosent give a fuck about you lot as you will turn on him like you have with all players ie Fergie last wk end, the team coaches and the club should be supported thru good and bad , although the board should get the shit they deserve , BR QUOTE FORGET ABOUT A STYLE OF PLAY JUST HOFF IT UP THE PARK AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS i good yin .Jim G will do the same till end of the season ,Then he will have to replace half the team Ramirez,Fergie,Hayes,Calvin, etc. although by then Cormack will have some of the transfer monies to act the big guy with a David Murray in the waiting .
  4. What lesson is this ? Don t admire another team and learn from them , don t you know its good for the Scottish game for Rangers and Celtic to do well in EUROPE .
  5. Is it not for the new manager post ,this was about why we will struggle to get one although JG may well take it as he will be on buttons at St Mirren and a 250 k a year may well cloud his judgment.
  6. Why would any decent manager want to come to the club at this time ,when he is in with a good chance as being know as the guy who got us relegated,he can’t bring anyone in ,has to work with what’s at the club at the moment and according to most on this site they a shite .It’s a massive gamble as the position could be a death sentence.. I think most managers of sound mind and body will be of the same thought and finally will have work with those above who don’t have a fecking clue sports director etc .I am sure S Glass has had calls from the guys in the frame regarding the powers above and the lack of spending .
  7. Aberdeen at the moment have the top goal scorer and the top % for goals scored from set pieces ,Take one away and we would be bottom and going down , set plays is the way football will go down over the next few years . AFC had one of the best attacking coaches and let him go , no forward thinking from the director of football, its not the team thats shit its the clowns running the club and there huge ego
  8. He would be good with the kids and probably better than JIm Goodwin ,when his team came to Aberdeen and got thumped by a so called shite team .This is the guy you are all wanting as our next manager .
  9. We have given Celtic, Rangers, Hibs ,Hearts and Dundee Utd good games this season because against the better teams you get a chance to play football.Its when we played the lower teams fighting for every ball and hoffing it up the park ( like St MIRREN) we have struggled and it was dire to watch is that what you want to watch every wk under Goodwin who will never have a goodwin with his style of play.
  10. I never notice or heard anything sitting at the other end , the team are trying to win and the we red shed are booing one of there own for fuck sake.
  11. No it was not , last night was dire , freezing and nothing to cheer about is that what you want , you and yours should be care full what you wish for .
  12. Thats the issue it not about me or you its about the club you , a few wins on the trot against the bottom six does that make you a good manager fit for the AFC ?.DONT BE A TWAT .
  13. So you want to stand every other sat and watch the ball being lumped up the park mc kinnes style 100% non football. as i said 6 wks ago he was in line for the bullet do think he is any better that the ones just sacked who had the team playing football as it should be played .
  14. He is fucking shite and has caused the team 9 points at least this season , i remember the one against St Mirren that went thru his out stretched arms , and last nights went down like a 60 year old and never reacted to the second or third ball .
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