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  1. We've paid journeymen and ex Huns and Celtic players more at the end of their careers. Considine has earnt it here, he has accepted pennies throughout his career, if anything he deserves a pay day. He should be an inspiration- you could say to the younger players look what happens when you spend almost 20 years at the club, you should get rewarded for being part of the club's DNA. No idea why considine or his agent would leak it, it's an inside job to make Goodwin look the hardman, ringing the changes, well the "club" have misjudged public opinion and I hope they back track.
  2. At Motherwell after leaving us he was bitter as f*** no remorse, no acknowledgement of his utter failure as a manager with us, it's only 3 points rubbish. Totally undignified. Should.be stripped of his legend status.
  3. Consi is due back... I'd play him up front and put long balls to him. He has a great head.
  4. For the past few years he has been a consistent high performer and plays almost every match, a true pro and so probably got it by default but uninspiring? I can imagine things would have been a lot worse without him at times.
  5. Total BS - why not postpone coaching career by 2 months and see the season out? The season didn't turn out well? Well it's not over. Aye his friend was sacked and he was the assistant but come one be the big man and give the fans something, very carefully worded statement from Brown, not sorry to see him go.
  6. Has it ever been written down? Here we are... Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen. Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeeeeeen Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aber-deen.
  7. We need someone with experience of Football Manager 2022 and a taste for Gregg's.
  8. Offered nothing, zero, no experience in the dressing room, at all? From all accounts the lads looked up to him and he was expecting a coaching role before Brown came on the scene. He may not have been much of a player, except being a competent corner taker and positionally over his last couple of seasons but deserved the chance to join our coaching team given he gave us 9/10 years of his career. And like Rooney a couple of 20+ goal seasons in bad teams, great memories.
  9. I can imagine Goodwin would rather have had McGinn on the squad than Brown in the team. The right type of experience we needed, lost.
  10. He's thrown the dummy out of the pram and has had a go at JG.
  11. I'm glad JG having no one undermine him, Brown threatened to do that. Bodes well for future.
  12. What a shameful charlatan of a man. Brown, GTF. If Putin wasn't the number 1 c**t of the year, Brown would be right up there. Only seemed to care when Rangers came to town, and to get one over on his old team. Should never have been allowed to take the captaincy from big Joe.
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