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  1. Would respect a silence but definitely not an applause, certainly no applause from me - I'd maybe commemorate his achievements in the sport if he hadn't walked away from Scotland, to win tainted trophies.
  2. Mind Niall McGinn hitting 20 a couple of times when we were last in the doldrums. I suppose basing team around supporting the most selfish player on the pitch is culturally a problem
  3. De Boer has excellent experience particularly in charge of Dutch national side - he has picked up great coaching methods and has great contacts - DC needs to seriously have a look. Jaap Staam also out of work, I wonder if the 2 could team up - between DC and Jimmy Calderwood, surely we can tap them up?
  4. 2 or 3 wins and we are in contention for European places. Like it or not, that's what Glass's Monday morning conversation with DC is going to be about. If we fail to win 2 or 3 matches in quick succession, we are in relegation battle and won't be getting European football next year. So damage is done, so Glass will have 2 or 3 games to stop relegation and prove he can turn it around. Sadly I can see this going on until end of November/start of December like the McGhee season. If we are serious about Europe he needs to go now. Given the damage already this season, I can't see us qualifying with this set of players or manager - so why not give Glass the chance to learn his trade, give Glass a chance to bring in some external help, give Glass the chance to turn it around? Whether now or December, it gives DC the chance to tap up the ready made replacement. He wants to look like Billy big boy to his Atlanta crowd so can't see a Yogi type appointment, but something bigger. Look at Atlanta, they had Frank De Boer - could DC get him in with his contacts? Can imagine he'd want a "bigger job" but... Can see him going big. Go big or go home as the yanks say.
  5. It would be absolutely fine in my eyes take an ex sevco player as manager.
  6. We can simply not make a mistake in the next appointment - Cormack's reputation is on the line as is our position as a major club. I'd go for stable hands in John Hughes for the rest of this season but is it beyond us to expect a big name in the dug out? We need to look past the John Hughes level, past the Alex Neil levels past the Paul Lambert level, past the Garry Monk level, and go for an AVB. AVB loves Scotland, from his coaching badge here, very grounded - a man of principle, he learnt from Sir Bobby Robson. He has nothing to prove to anyone and would transform Aberdeen. Alternatively, Frank De Boer could be tempted, and Frank Lampard needs to step back down a level to rebuild his career. Lets aim high, and stop with this Alex Neil rubbish
  7. It's a mystery how a player goes to Rangers or Celtic and the value gets pumped up and they are automatically a Scotland pick and clubs from the championship seem to get the old firm prices too. Positive thing about the current Scotland manager is that he consistently looks to pick players outwith the old firm for the first time in over 20 years, can only be good for the reputation of our top flight for players. How much of it is to do with the propaganda they get in the red tops? Tell a lie often enough and people believe it. Morelos is touted for €20m regularly but Cosgrove went for a fraction, despite Cozzers banging in as many goals... and I recently read that Turnbull is worth €15m! He's competent but not €15m. The media in the central belt does nothing to show off the game from the BBC TV and website, to the national papers. I've never understood why the p&j being one of Scotland's most bought papers and having the largest geographical area of any regional paper in Europe, isn't regarded as a national yet the Glasgow Herald and the Daily Glasgow Record are.
  8. Surely there's a Saudi prince wanting one up on his cousin?
  9. Well with Blacks contacts, including Bruce, you'd imagine he'd be able to tap into him for us
  10. It's impressive but sad he has to give such an answer
  11. I doubt the assistant had the final say. But an interesting thought - how about Black, finally, as our manager with Bruce in a DoF role?!
  12. I think it's that bad we are unlikely to get into Europe, so now give him the chance to learn his trade, it might work out and on 3 years we will forget about the first ten weeks. I reckon an Archie Knox esque figure is needed alongside him like Gary McAllister at the Huns - Gerrard is just the public face of that set up. But then in December we could bring in Yogi for 6 months to keep us up, and then rebuild from there.
  13. Ok, so I commented on 5 or 6 posts on my first evening? All of which had nothing bad to say about anyone?! If I was trying too hard, if I was trying to hide the fact I was a Hun (which I am most certainly not) why would I be fighting this allegation so vociferously?! If I was trying to hide hun-ness I would not type but at the end of a sentence. I am a Glaswegian, I lived in Inverness and now live in Ireland, I don't speak Aberdonian, or Doric. So sorry to everyone that I finished a sentence with but. It doesn't make me a Hun but. Could understand the allegation if my posts were to wind people up but I've just posted a few opinions on a few threads.
  14. Aye, a Hun would sign up to a forum and for their first post would point out a Aberdeen players restaurant in a shopping centre on the falls road. Give yourself a shake. I also tried googling p and j poster 1995 Stephen glass. Cant find it. I picked up my special edition poster from the p and j office/shop in church Street in Inverness. I did my driving theory test in the same building a few years ago, pretty sure they no longer have an office there. See, I lived in Inverness, which is why for my first match I said I was lucky I was taken by a cousin to Aberdeen instead of the caley rangers match in Dundee on the same f****** day. Which is why I don't type with a Doric accent. I also left Inverness a long time ago so how much more personal information do you want me to share?
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