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  1. I forgot about this one, obviously we've been absolutely shit but the amount of shit decision given against us is unreal, we could easily be sitting 4th if the officials done their jobs.
  2. Hopefully a bush fire wipes out his business.
  3. Was reported last week that we are on for £1m if they get promoted.
  4. It is in a way but at the same time it shows you how easy it was for an outsider to come in and sus some of these chancers.
  5. I think that's very harsh, he looked a good level above in his first few games for the club, hopefully Goodwin can find the right role for him and get him playing at that level again.
  6. Nah, I followed him on twitter but he is away to get unfollowed as he hasn't done enough to justify that support.
  7. And I mind opposition fans giving Considine pelters for being shite, yet he managed to carve decent career for himself and get elevated to legendary status.
  8. Ok, Miller failed as a manager then as a director of football, maybe, despite being an incredible player he actually knows fuck all about anything in football.
  9. HE WAS PUNCHED IN THE FACE. Anyways fuck it, gutted it didn't turn out better for him and us but the season is over, he'll be away.
  10. Christian should know that no matter what, he'll always have a place in your head to stay, RENT FREE!
  11. He really isn't, they are all much of a muchness, I'd rather have a Bates than him in the hope he finds form, mainly because he's 10 years younger and some of his issues can be fixed.
  12. He played 45 minutes and went off injured, if anything it justified the decision to move on from him.
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