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  1. Shocker of a result for Murray. That boy will get ditched in quick time next time out.
  2. If the restrictions still stand of no vax no play nearer the time then we can have a wager. I ain't running away or reneging.
  3. Pringles, cheese n onion and salt n vinegar. Boatloads of others as well but if I'm reduced to only a couple in the cupboard it'd be these. Quick edit: but no at £2.50 a pop or anything like it. £1.25 or £1.50 at a push but no more than that.
  4. Revisit this a bit nearer the time. Let's see what the covid rules are in a couple of months. Anyhow, Murray is on in the early hours and it looks a tight one to me. I'll go 3-1 Murray but really this could turn on a couple of shots.
  5. I'm not saying he'll get vaxxed, just wouldn't surprise me if the Serb govt give him proof he has been.
  6. Jigsaw666


    Save The Cinema True story or not its sentimental mush.
  7. Frogs saying no vax no play in the frog open. I'll wager a change of tactic from Djokovic. I'll wager he'll produce "proof" he's been triple vaxxed before then.
  8. Paisley is very central (granted) but it is still a shithole. Live around the Feegie?
  9. Jigsaw666


    Scream (the new one) The endearing thing about the original was it was just that - original. The biggest problem for this one is obviously, it isn't (original). Characters talking about the rules before they die etc, seen it all before, clearly. Original felt like a bit of fun but this isn't fun anymore.
  10. Championship Manager 01/02. That's it, had to search the cupboard, couldn't remember what version it was. Only PC game I've ever bought.
  11. Cheers Bri. Know it looks a stupid question these days but am an auld luddite at heart. Never bothered wi' apps and shit. Bought one computer game many moons ago and that's my lot.
  12. Jigsaw666


    He knew the rules from months out. Played the "but I'm Djokovic" card and got trumped by the house rules.
  13. My phone camera won't scan a code I really need to get scanned. Any idea which scan app might be quickest and easiest to use?
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