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  1. Jigsaw666


    Pile of shite Georgey boy.
  2. Jigsaw666


    God's on our side and so is Washington.....
  3. Anybody use a launch monitor that's reasonably accurate without spending megabucks?
  4. SNP is the only sensible thing to vote for in a general election if you live in Scotland. Political parties care only about winning elections and it is a well worn phrase that to win a general election you "need to win middle England" (wherever the fuck that actually is). Therefore that's what the main national parties target; pleasing "middle England". SNP whether you want independence or not only give a fuck about getting stuff for Scotland. I live in Scotland so that gets my vote.
  5. Not being able to do sport as I did is certainly one. Remember the very day it hit home, I was involved coaching youth football and I decided we'd have a pre season sprint the length of the park. Half way I thought "ok press the accelerator and get past this lot"....nothing happened. Legs didn't do fuck all and when the big centre half went past me my brain just went numb. Couldn't understand what just happened until I realised I just found out what the pros mean when they say the legs have gone. Can barely swing a golf club properly either now. Even my darts averages are plummeting by the year. Have you got to that day yet when you look in the mirror and say "Who the fuck are you.?" Though erections I can still do.....well last time I tried anyhow.
  6. Already told the family similar. If ever asked the question - switch it off. ...and 59 years auld and hate it.
  7. He'll snap his wrist signing the contract.
  8. I wouldn't let him do a Subbuteo match.
  9. I see Bobby Madden has moved to Guffyland and will now be reffing down there. What a fucking great start to the season.
  10. All I know's that I don't know nothin'....and that's fine.
  11. These seemingly random manager appointments never cease to puzzle. Courts going to Honved? What's that based on? Up there with Bobby Williamson ending up at Uganda.
  12. Snow and ice? Oh no. No no no, could never put her in danger of being hurt.
  13. BMW Z4 (red). She's fucking gorgeous.
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