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  1. I can sense the meltdown that's on it's way. I for one agree with you.
  2. 100% this. Shore up - strengthen the central defence and you see a huge difference throughout the team. Joe is one of the last that should be getting replaced right now.
  3. I also thought that McGeouch would have been a Goodwin type of player. However I suspect that as has been said above his fitness issues plus his high wage may have had Goodwin thinking he can get better value out of another player he has his eye on. Also perhaps he just hasn't done enough in training to warrant a new deal.
  4. Stability and improved results should easily get Aberdeen back to 4th place without doing much other than the necessity in this window. That is where I see us and tbh that is progress compared to where Glass took us to under his free fall reign. A couple of solid midfielders, a centre half and two competent strikers will give us a core we can work with. It may take 2 maybe 3 windows to overtake Hearts again with their Euro money and obviously better kerb appeal at present.
  5. Of course unlike you're champion Glass who couldn't even get near a final - however that is acceptable as he was trying something different!! McInnes would never have had us in 10th spot. End of discussion.
  6. Read post #905 - it's not worth arguing with you as you're wrong.
  7. No he's not - he's played Jack Hendry and others.
  8. You mean he supports his old man and is public with his support. Imagine being behind your dad and showing him support, (not on you) but it's a low blow bringing McInnes's family into it.
  9. That's a real shame McInnes wasn't here for the last transfer window then.
  10. It's quite clear that Clarke the jakey doesn't rate or like McKenna.
  11. 2 of whom are not strikers and 1 who is apparently going to be released due to not being good enough. Therefore at a push we had one young striker clearly not good enough - so no other options.
  12. 1) We don't have any in the position to do that Harvie requires full time football like Barron had on loan, I suspect he needs at least 6/12 months on loan in the lower leagues. 2) Loans are very much hit or miss. Also unless there is an option to buy I'm not keen. 3) Agree 4) I believe we're trying to lower the average age.
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