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  1. Cheers pal - thanks for taking the time and sharing your insight.
  2. Peachandblack


    http://www.koollondon.com/ Get lokt!
  3. Agreed. For a short period of time he did ok - could put in a decent early cross and started to learn how to defend after an admittedly disastrous start as a wing back. Fringe player at best though.
  4. Peachandblack


  5. Yup I'd agree. Think we should definitely let him go as he's been too inconsistent this season so he's not worth the rumoured top wage. Enjoyed having him here though and he brought excitement with his willingness to up the gears and move us forward.
  6. Ha ha ha. Just looked up the Fiona Hill book - looks interesting. Bob Woodward's book on Trump was great.
  7. Just started reading What Ever Happened to Baby Jane by Henry Farrell. Jings it's a twisted book!
  8. Oh wow, talk about difficult questions. Maybe The Ballad of Dorothy Parker. Favourite album is 1999. Cold mechanised madness!
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