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  1. Get Lauritsen aswell a front 3 of Miovski, Lauritsen and Duncan would have height, strength, pace and power and would terrorise the SPL.
  2. 100% and that's his thinking just now but his agent is in his ear giving him bad advice.
  3. He's being badly advised by his agent I'm told.
  4. Connor Barron's agent is advising him to get a move but he thinks he should stay and improve. Was told this yesterday by the same person who told me back in March that 3 English teams plus Celtic were looking at him.
  5. As long as he gives 100% to Aberdeen when he's on the pitch he can do what he wants in his own time.
  6. Like Derek who broke the record for going the most games without scoring a goal that Derek??
  7. Norwich and Blackpool rumoured to have interest also.
  8. Was going to sit this one out but fuck it I'm in 2-0 Dons Vinnie and Harvey with the goals.
  9. I think he'll do fine good on the ball not match fit so he faded a bit second half, showed enough first half for me to think with a full pre season he'll make decent addition to the squad.
  10. Only once in the last 10 years has the team finishing 3rd had less points than Hearts have this year and that was the Covid shortened season.
  11. My biggest problem with Goodwin is he's tried to do the right thing by the players and told them who he's keeping and who's going at the end of the season and he's not getting the same honesty back from the players.
  12. Is the reason Forrest wasn't playing yesterday because he's signed a pre contract with us?? There was some chatter a few weeks back that we were interested.
  13. 25 mins in 90% of the play and no shots on target our season in a nutshell.
  14. Adam rooney scored 68 goals for Aberdeen over 3 seasons the same time period of Cosgrove and consistently scored around 15 from open play.
  15. So the answer to all our striking problems is to get a stiker who can score 5 to 10 goals from open play and let him take all the penaltys.
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