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  1. The smallest team in Dundee doing their best to steal motherwells thunder.
  2. Thought to myself that this must be a positive thread to read seeing as the Miovski boy has done good. How wrong.
  3. Any news on Coulsons scan and the severity of his injury?
  4. Aye Hayes can get tae fuck. We are near Tic feeder club. Cunt has a great future ahead of him. Future Irish captain material.
  5. Nice!! Did Coulsons injury look a serious one? Not able to see the game today
  6. Somewhere between £1 and £100,000 a week
  7. He didn’t fail the medical. Stage fight when taking a piss sample. Managed to drain the python this morning. All good.
  8. Fuck sake this thread is pathetic and weird.
  9. Playing the Leicester city Ranieri card when they won the league.
  10. Robbie Neilson always comes across as a couple of dicks short of a spit roast. Not far off a window licker.
  11. He had a good return of goals in a shit team. Made some strange choices - returning to the usa early and showing his admiration of a Sevco euro game on Twitter. His pissed off reaction to SG sacking and fall in form after SG left has made people hate him (along with the previous points). I think JG has a plan by dropping him and see if he has the desire to win his spot back. If he whinges or wants away then he is offski.
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