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  1. From what I've read they are waiting to sell players before signing players, hence only Souttar on a pre contract. Think they have 5 with 12 months left on contract and need to sell them on to spend any decent money (Helander, Rat, Aribo ,Kent, Morelos).
  2. They could cover £4,400 pw last season for Ronan from Wolves. Edit - Scrub that, think that was his actual wage he was getting Wolves. No idea what St Mirren covered.
  3. This is where I check players wages. Obviously never gonna be 100% accurate but think its the closest you will find. Aberdeen 2022 Wages | Player & Team totals (salarysport.com)
  4. No swap for Charles Dunne, he is god awful. I'd rather we paid off Gallagher and just cut our losses, or loaned him to St Mirren with them covering 75% of his wage. If it was a loan would mean they don't have to pay him a signing fee so could afford more in wages. I'd rather see one of the youngsters sit on the bench and be the 5th choice centre half than Dunne be it.
  5. Hladky is a decent keeper but don't think he's an improvement on Lewis, much and such the same. Not against the signing and £100k to sign a player capable of challenging Lewis seems a good enough deal considering the money we just took in. Do you think if Lewis was at Ipswich, he would be No 2? Also, a St Mirren fan I know says that Jak Alnwick was a better all-round keeper than Hladky. We desperately need to replace Woods though, was a weird signing.
  6. I'd take Ronan over Mcgrath everyday and twice on a Sunday.
  7. That will be some doing, JG said Miovski was his number 1 target and I still feel if Ramirez wants to be here that he's got the ability to still be our main striker and see out the final year of his deal. You see us playing 4-2-3-1? So be, Besuijen Miovski Hayes? Ramirez/Better striker I still see us signing 4/5 more players. LB, CM, AM, LW being priority.
  8. Winger or 2? Also if LF leaves our midfield options are Ramadani, Polvara, McCrorie and Barron. If he's playing 3 in middle need at least 2 more.
  9. Worries me a wee bit. Obviously we aren't going to be like the OF and have 8/9 coaches outwith manager but Goodwin and Sharpe maybe have good tactics etc but its a different skill to improve a player. I had imagined we would have around 4/5 coaches outwith the manager ; GK Coach Attacking Coach Defensive Coach Fitness Coach Tactical Coach (which could be manager and/or assistant) JG may be a good manager, but struggle to think of players he's improved in a noticeable way. He's signed ready made players mostly and the younger players seem to stagnate a wee bit like Erhahon and MacAllister.
  10. Maybe the wrong thread to ask this, but does anyone have a clue who our coaches are? Obviously there's Goodwin, Sharpe and Samson, but previously we had Glass, Brown, Russell, Apu, Marshall and Robson. The club made a hoopla whenever we got a coach last season treating it like a new player, maybe I missed it when he first took the job but have looked at pre-season photos and can only see Goodwin and Sharpe, also possibly the sports guy Kirk or whatever his name is.
  11. That would suggest CR as it stands is staying put. Ramirez/Miovski/Young Striker would be a strikeforce i'd be happy to start the season with considering will more than likely only be 1 up top. Take away Ramirez than it's basically like last season, although with the back up striker potentially an upgrade on Ruth. Ryan Duncan is a winger? Where does Jack Milne play? Do we have any good youth prospects who are out and out number 9s?
  12. With this new stadium we have thrown millions at already and will continue to hoard money for, despite no site even being confirmed yet, I suspect not. Although reckon we have spent around £700k already. Can't remember a window where we have spent over £750k in recent years. IMO we still need a GK, LB, CM, AM, LW, so if they are of any quality and not loans imagine that would cost another £800k/£1m. Good seeing the club spend money but always have to offset by the money taken in. So far we have taken in £5.2m up front, so there's still £4.5m banked. With the players who have left, our wage bill is probably less than last season including the new signings.
  13. It's not coming from here (I dont think?) Its coming from the same "sports journalist" from DR who said Siegrist was moving to Man Utd also.
  14. Boyce is a good player technically and a fairly decent finisher, but with JG saying he wants an energetic pressing team Boyce doesn't really fit that. Unless he's played as a number 10 to link the play and whoever the main striker is, can press the centre backs.
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