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  1. Let's calm down for now. Newly assembled team has a completely shite day at the office. Lessons can be addressed in training during week culminating in a decent victory against St Johnstone next weekend. Progress is going to take time but we will, ultimately, be consistently better than last session. That is likely to mean a top six, perhaps a top four finish. That is the reality. Sorting out the mess left by the late McInnes years / Glass year is going to take quite a bit of fan's patience and time.
  2. Gambling can be OK as long as there is a strong strategy in place. Without same would strongly advice avoidance at all costs. Addiction in any form is ALWAYS bad news. Re Gambling I set an annual betting pot and stick to it. I also only bet on football, a subject I know relatively well so......should be able to earn a profit on.
  3. Win for the Famous, albeit not as comfortable as last week. Perhaps 1-0 or 2-1.
  4. Each Prime Minister is shiteyer than the previous one, which is surprising given that old Boris will take some beating.
  5. Salman Rushdie down to 1/5 with Bill Hill. Still awaiting ITK crew to confirm. Too soon?
  6. This thread does produce some extended sequences of totally shite posts, with little or no reference to the thread title. Approaching 14,000 posts we'd be lucky if 10% referred to rumours. That in mind reckon that one of our "surplus to requirement " players will end up loaned or sold to Fleetwood or Hartlepool before the window is shut. Also don't think that big Jim isn't finished recruiting yet but may require to offload a couple of more players off the payroll before completely concluding our summer's business.
  7. Currently on BBC Sounds with most recent episode featuring Neil Warnock (or Colin Wanker if you wish). Good listen, particularly when discussing pre-match superstitions.
  8. Reckon Barron will sign a contract extension with a few caveats attached. No doubt he is destined for bigger things but possibly a year or two away yet.
  9. Today's gripe. Folk in big cars who haven't got a clue how to drive and manoeuvre said vehicle. Just watched a prick, or prickess, attempting to drive into a space 3 times before giving up and driving off looking for a space with no adjoining vehicles.
  10. Week 3 Dons 2 Motherwell 1 Livingston 1 Hibernian 1 Sevco 3 St Johnstone 0 St Mirren 1 Ross Cty 1 Kilmarnock 1 Tims 2 Hearts 2 Dundee Utd 1 Week 4 Hibernian 1 Sevco 2 Dundee Utd 2 St Mirren 1 Motherwell 1 Livingston 1 Ross Cty 2 Kilmarnock 1 St Johnstone 0 Dons 2 Tims 3 Hearts 1
  11. Do any of the ITK wannabes know how many STs have been sold to date?
  12. You'd think that heading for 14,000 posts that we'd signed a few football teams worth of players this summer. But alas no. Most posts are either folk greetin' that they are misunderstood, folk pretending to be ITK and on the wind up or folk, supposedly ITK, soaking up the attention at how clever they might have been. At times, and as a consequence, the thread can be amusing from time to time but thank feck the season is back with a game tomorrow that we should, hopefully, win and generate more worthy chat elsewhere. COYR!!
  13. There may be an element of truth in what you say but when JG said he was hopeful of a couple of signings before St Mirren match was he thinking Morris and McGrath or were other player(s) in his hopes? As the apparent go to ITK dude your thoughts would be appreciated. In other words if there are other potentially imminent irons in the fire so to speak you might help the piss takers and smooth brains add a few more 1,000 posts to this thread before the window shuts.
  14. Unbelievable. I am feeling even more cynical today than I was yesterday. The imminent signing of a player who will excite the fans. Don't think Morris falls, or fell, into that category. Barring 1 or 2 posters there are quite a few folk on here masquerading as ITK imposters.
  15. Who is Jamie McGrath? Seems a pointless thread to me!!
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