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  1. Something has just been posted on Twitter
  2. 1-1 Pen ,still struggling to score from open play
  3. Lewis Richardson Bates Stewart McKenzie Barron. Ramdani Mcorrie besuijen Hayes/Kennedy Ramirez/miosvki Not putting in fergie because I think He will be sold ,
  4. Another though the door hopefully a genuine playmaker through the door next or another winger
  5. A few your ago when he was at county I would of taken him ,now it’s a solid no ,just think we can find a better player
  6. So you don’t think we need to improve our attack because last season in the final third of the pitch we was crap and are defence was leakier than a colander
  7. Probably won’t , at least we can both agree that offensively and defensively we need to improve and just looking forward to see what this transfer window throws up however good or bad we think a player may be
  8. For me I just don’t like the way he plays as good as all his attributes you listed is I prefer a striker with pace to play on the shoulder of the last defender And can take someone on , If the club sign him he would be a meh player for me , and I know a while back Boyce has pace but I think he has lost a yard or two ,the attributes you listed can make up the yard or to he has lost but It’s a no for me What matters the most is the service to what ever striker we have
  9. Depends how you see it for me I wouldn’t take him others may think differently end of the day nobody’s opinion matters we all have players we hate and like
  10. Ooooh , it’s my opinion Boyce isn’t better than what we have and can do better ,opinions are like arseholes we all have ,I’m glad I pissed you off
  11. Each to there own some people will hope he comes I just think we can do better that’s him
  12. I wouldn’t want Boyce period he knocked us back years ago he is 31 at the Tail end of his career I think we can do better
  13. Ramirez scores the same amount as him last season and are fans went nuts because he couldn’t find the net in the second half of the season, I just think after saying we are casting are net wide but end up with a guy that is the wrong side of 30/31 that knocked us back before he went to Burton is lazy recruitment
  14. True and he is 29 and an unknown , but Boyce isn’t He isn’t a regular scorer wrong side of thirty and goodwin did say he’d prefer younger players the experience is the 24-28 maybe 1 or 2 29/30 to play the higher pressing game and for the fitness levels he is looking , in he didn’t say that I’ll hold my hands up , but I’m 99% sure he said that in his hunter interview
  15. Hopefully not Boyce that would come under the term lazy recruitment, and not in Goodwin range of 24-28
  16. I did cover it with the European flag up there so that should at least get me 25% correct On the nationality
  17. Goodwin wanted him when he was at shamrock and by the sounds tried to get him On loan for st mirren when he was a septic as well so he sees something in him just have to wait and see how he turns out for us
  18. Hopefully it is loan to buy if not , won’t be to overly concerned as long as he put in 100% effort for us won’t complain
  19. definitely should get the nationality correct now ,not been on the site long enough to know who is itk or not but in football nowadays thing changes fast player change there mind at a drop of a hat so people’s info on players coming may be correct at the time
  20. ............don’t have a clue just thought I’d throw a load of flags up bound to at least get the nationality correct of the next player in
  21. On the site it says undisclosed fee
  22. Right back ,Ramsey replacement in ...... his money must of cleared
  23. Got a feeling it may be Wednesday onwards we start hearing about players coming in , fits perfectly for the 3/5 working days for the Ramsey cash To come in lol
  24. The Wycombe guy is 29 Could be good for us if we are looking at him but I’m sure Goodwin was look for people 24-26 with experience Maybe 24-28 Can’t remember exactly what he said
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