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  1. I heard Hearts want Gallagher, Gary Woods, McLennan, Stephen Gunn, Dave Cormack and the Aberdeen Airport drop off toll.
  2. Let’s keep archaic stereotypes out of it.
  3. Definitely preferred the days on here when disagreements were met with fake threats of violence as opposed to fake threats of blow jobs.
  4. “Gunner” looking like he’s just rolled in the door after a heavy night out. Scruffy cunt.
  5. Would Goodwin be OK with these 5 players missing the first week of pre season training just so they can be unveiled at a kit launch?
  6. If we’re not going to reinvest the £200k received for hedges this window, we may as well have kept him until May. £200k for McGrath would have made sense. I’m not that concerned about missing out on McGrath specifically but it’s clear we need attacking options in before the window SLAMS SHUT™ tomorrow.
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