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  1. Absolutely he's a legend. You don't get to cherry pick the era you play in. Considine was an ever present shining light during his time. The club should be thoroughly ashamed of the way they've treated him come the end. Even if he wasn't part of our plans going forward and regardless of his agent leaking a story, he deserved so much better. All the best Andy.
  2. Delighted to see Andy Considine start and get the armband.
  3. Hickey apparently on his way to Arsenal for up to €25m, with Hearts set to pocket £3m. Important we get top Dollar for Ramsay (and Ferguson), but equally that we insert a generous release clause into any sale.
  4. Motherwell have been shocking this season. It's a measure of how truly awful we've been that we find ourselves five places below them going into our final game. I can remember seasons when we've been as bad, perhaps worse than we've been this year. But i can't recall another season where the overall quality of the league was so poor. When being just a fraction less mediocre was enough to secure European football.
  5. 0-1. We're unable to keep a clean sheet and i can't see us scoring unless it's from the spot. Upside is regardless of the result, tomorrow's match puts a miserable season to bed. Here's hoping better days lie ahead.
  6. My take is he was a panicky appointment who's had a negative impact through his bull/china shop approach to man management. I'm expecting our recruitment to focus on League of Ireland and ex-St Mirren players. We'll become a mid-table side, likely top six (woo hoo) and a couple of couple of years from now Jim will leave with the clubs thanks, blah, blah, blah.
  7. Felt like a rushed appointment. Don't see a lot of St Mirren other than against us, but there was nothing about them which made me think, Goodwin's our guy. I'd sooner have had Stephen Robinson who replaced him.
  8. I like McKenzie, he's not going to hit the heights of some but there's a very decent player there.
  9. Relative to the SPL, Lewis, Hayes, Ramsay, McCrorie, Ferguson, Besuijen and (i know i'll take a pounding for this one) Ramirez. These are players who'd walk into any team out with the top three.
  10. Goodwin deserves to be judged now. The squad is nowhere near good enough, but thus far neither's he. As poor as the Glass signings were, there's still some real quality in the squad and certainly we should be better than what we're currently achieving. These are his players by virtue of the fact he's Aberdeen manager. It shouldn't require a complete overhaul for him to make an impact. Up to this point the results and performances have arguably been as bad if not worse than under Glass. And his interactions with the players have been terrible. His Apprentice, You're Fired! approach has been ridiculous. By his own admission there's some ill feeling in the squad and it's entirely down to him.
  11. What??? Montgomery's woeful, absolutely dreadful. We can't be extending his loan.
  12. Very disappointed not to see Considine start. Would have liked to see him play a part for the final couple of games now we're safe.
  13. Dire showing from both sides. Only positives i can take away from it are we're officially over the line regards avoiding a playoff. It was great to see Polvara get a run out and Considine back in a Dons shirt and it moves us one game closer to the end of a miserable season.
  14. Both McCoist & Walker are terrible pundits. McCoist has personality, granted. But he's 100% patter, 0% analysis. Walker's had a charisma bypass, he provides neither personality nor analysis.
  15. Hope they get humped tonight, with the tie ended as a contest in the first leg. C'mon Leipzig!
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