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  1. They had Rocky Bushiri on loan. At the end of the season they thanked him for his efforts and waved him off. Only to realise they'd accidentally triggered a signing clause in the loan contract due to the number of games he'd played. Signed a player they didn't want.
  2. Saw a decent amount of him at Sunderland. Still capable of the odd moment of real quality but he doesn't have too many minutes left in those legs. Might find himself getting a rough ride from Hibs fans too if he doesn't hit the ground running. They were one of the clubs he recently named for fans abusing him after he opted to play for Ireland.
  3. Tis a thing of beauty. Looking forward to seeing it being worn in anger.
  4. He's completely spent. Johnson bringing his mate in on what will be a tidy wage. They're having a shocker of a window.
  5. To be fair to McInnes, there has to be an appreciation on the part of the player and his agent that a move to a big club is subject to the money being right. Ferguson's been a very good player for us and we'll definitely miss him when he leaves. His head's been filled with nonsense by his father & McMurdo. Never good to have an unhappy player about the place, best for all parties he moves on this summer.
  6. Delighted. Young, bags of ability & promise and on a long term deal too. Fair play to the club for getting him in.
  7. Thanks for your interest Celtic, now off you trot.
  8. Loads of Wycombe fans responding to the tweet announcing Stewart's signing. All glowing in their praise and gutted to see him leaving. Does bode well.
  9. Thought him to be as good if not better than any Keeper in the League during his time at Utd. Terrible waste him going to Celtic, he'll earn more money but injury/suspension aside, no way is he getting in ahead of Hart.
  10. Bringing it back to Goodwin's own words regards recruitment. He spoke of Europe, South America etc, but thus far three of our four signings have been from Scotland/England. For what it's worth Stewart may prove to be a revelation, i can't fault him as a player as i know nothing about him.
  11. Would appear we've strayed off the, no lazy signings path a tad.
  12. Next up, Goodwillie returns. Soften the blow of Scales & Stewart.
  13. Can't say i'm excited about this signing. In fairness as much as anything that's due to me knowing absolutely nothing about him. Time will tell but on paper he reads no more than a squad player.
  14. I know i'm prone to bladder leaks and err on the negative side at times, but i'd be absolutely delighted if we landed the Macedonian lad.
  15. Regardless of the deal, here's hoping he proves to be a great asset to us for the season ahead. Then does his ligaments walking into Parkhead, 12 months from now. On a side note, not a peep out of Dave Cormack on Twitter regarding any of our signings. Seems to be keeping a much lower profile these days.
  16. He's very much the player we wanted. Goodwin's got his man. His comments make this clear and strongly suggest he sees Scales as integral to the team for the season ahead. Liam is a player that I have been trying to get for the last couple of years,” said the Dons boss on his third summer arrival. He added: “I watched him very closely during his time at Shamrock Rovers, unfortunately I couldn’t get a deal done. “Liam is 23-years-old and has already amassed nearly 200 appearances in senior football. He’s a strong character with a winning mentality, who will no doubt be a great addition to the squad. “He is coming in as a left sided centre half, which is the position I saw him play regularly for Shamrock Rovers, and the one we believe is his best position. “He is aggressive, mobile, very comfortable on the ball and he has all the qualities you would want in a modern-day centre back.”
  17. Ability's definitely there. The nature of his move is a huge faux pas. If there's an option to buy i can't see why we wouldn't lead with that. The Club couldn't have been blind to the negativity which would otherwise follow.
  18. Feel sorry for the lad. Made a move which has been met with near universal disapproval through no fault of his own.
  19. Disappointed with this signing. A perm move i'd have been onboard with, but a loan? No thanks. Developing their player at the expense of our own and assuming he's a starting pick, it leaves a hole in our team every time we go up against Celtic.
  20. At this rate i'll be able to retire the rubber bed sheets. Dry nights ahead in the MT house.
  21. Lovely to have a signing over the line. Must have had this one tee'd up to go, coming so soon after Calvin's departure.
  22. Jayden Richardson. Welcome to the club.
  23. Bit of a head scratcher, but the reasoning given is their relegation.
  24. Hearts have had a bid accepted according to the DR. No mention of the size of the fee, only that it's below Peterborough's valuation of him.
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