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  1. Strong 1500mg Star dowg CBD vaping is the way to go. But I'd love to know how I gey some thc oil/vape juice.
  2. Irrelevant, cunts not our player anymore. But he use to sing hun songs on his jollies oot in the city when he was here
  3. Barely watch pre match pressers nowadays, tho on the odd occasion I've heard his annoying voice. I put the game on red TV on normally 5 mins before kick off. I use to like the build up but 90 minutes of the shite is enough these days, also turn it off at HT & listen to music
  4. Oh I have red TV pal! But barely watch the shit spoken after the game coz garner n McLean ar dick heeds
  5. All this melancholy we the deekster ! Its enough to force a tear out my glass eye.
  6. You coudnt have had red tv season ended or surely you would have knew the fat wank retired 12 months ago
  7. Right! What will cheer me up no end will be a frankfurt win "obvz" and Ryan jack or even Wright or both to sustain a career ending injury
  8. What are the chances afc twatter tweets good luck to rangers tonight. On cormacks orders?
  9. We need to boo that ginger useless cunt. In the hope to drive him out! Or force goodwan to bench him
  10. Were forgetting about our ex baldy cunt of a chairman who will obviously want them to win. He & cormack will be watching it together cheering them on. 110%. Couple of cunts that they are!
  11. As much of a fat cunt that he is I'd rather bojo died first!
  12. If any of our players are there they can Get to Fuck! No fucking need!
  13. A young girl is being attacked by hun scum on twatter ! Utterly vile.. I honestly wish they would all die those hun cunts every last one !!
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