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  1. Good summary of the situation. We desperately need to get McLennan and Watkins to fuck and bring in 2 defenders and a CM.
  2. Ahahaha. I heard that, "what a miserable cunt" I thought as that guy was talking. But it certainly did stump the presenter tbf.
  3. Some of the women pundits are thick as shit too, don't get me wrong. But given the beeb have quite happily been employing utterly hopeless male pundits for decades I don't suppose we can expect much from the women pundits.
  4. One thing that is getting on my tits is why are they now only referred to as Lionesses? Theyve just been the English womens football team until very recently then it was wall to wall "lionesses"
  5. In some cases the female pundits talk a lot more sense than some of the thick as shit male pundits bbc Scotland like to use.
  6. We've spent quite a bit compared to previous windows so I tend to agree. The money coming for the players we've sold this summer will be over the next few years as well - it's not going to be paid up front. And we might also pay a fee for Scales if we can get him.
  7. As Amy McDonald affectionately calls her favourite dildo.
  8. The sooner everyone just blocks him and stops responding to the repetitive drivel the sooner the forum can return to its usual intelligent conversation.
  9. Of course but I'm talking about the depth of rebuild completed and the apparent quality of the replacements that have come in- the club have done really well on that so far.
  10. Hope he's not out long, I really want to see what this team can do when they get rolling.
  11. I think Jack mentioned on the RedTV coverage Hayden came back out with a boot on his foot but no crutches. So you'd hope that means it wasn't a broken ankle? Maybe a fractured bone in the foot? Or damage to soft tissue/ cartilage or something like that in the ankle?
  12. The mess we were in you'd probably expect 3 windows to set everything straight going by our typical performance. Huge progress made.
  13. Football fans are greedy aren't we? The club have pulled off a remarkable overhaul of the squad and yet we're all hoping for a bit more and a bit more until we hit perfection. If we managed what you've listed above we'll have pulled off surely the greatest transfer window in the history of Scottish football.
  14. I can see us bringing 2 in for those positions but really need to move a few out to do it imo. Bates and Ramirez or Watkins. Edit to add it won't necessarily be easy to move them on so we might have to be patient on the rebuild being completed.
  15. Some of us stuck a few quid on him when he was 50-1 (thanks Don Fonte and Nem) Meanwhile the lead balloons like Zero were still banging on about Ramirez being the best bet.
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