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  1. Aye very good marathon runner 2hrs 12 mins winner in the Sacramento marathon .
  2. Nah not read it but may look it up. Fraser Clyne has wrote a book about Arbroath FC his grandfather played for them as did Fraser for a while.
  3. Redforever can send them to you. One works for Northsound 1.
  4. Well done Mobby much respect .are you a member of a club.?
  5. Aye my wife 2 daughter's and Auld buc all 100% vegan . My loons nearly there.
  6. No problems whatsoever. Have you any problems?
  7. Aye 3 months a year in our town house . You ken athing
  8. Union street is 1 mile in sub 5 minute me and my mates really done that on new years day early morning when the roads are extremely quiet . Nah didn't steal but I've felt like it on my younger day .oh that bars of chocolate were very tempting .
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