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  1. Yellow well What can I say I've grown to like it. We even have yellow windows. Not my choice. And well done Mobby.
  2. Sky blue for me my wife loves yellow.
  3. That's brisk going must be very fit . I'm doing a cycle today we my wife and the puppies who will be in their cart but it's 16 miles along the Dyce to Newmachar old railway line . 16 miles is nothing to you..
  4. Aye bit of a shocker but I've moved on from it . Maybe Steve will come back soon enough and start debating Sooper.
  5. Not a chance of me ever being a Westminster Tory carrying the butcher's apron
  6. How long will that 60 mile cycle take you.?
  7. Think you lads have scared Bateman away he's not been back on. Hopefully he makes another appearance soon as i suppose it's always good to have a difference of opinion. Even though he called me a dick.
  8. Ran loads there my mate stays in Anniesland it's only about 400 away there's a bar/restaurant right on the track with outside seating . Love it along there .We cycled to Faslene and took the train back.
  9. Edwin Starr


    Was your mate ok with that.?
  10. Think about it. Maybe next time I get drunk.
  11. Not sure what to say about that.
  12. Aye but he was racing . Done a few triathlons but swimming wasn't my forte . Fair play to YD for having a go.
  13. I'm thick skinned . Boys just having a laugh.
  14. No you didn't . Well I hope you didn't .
  15. About 8 mile all in but did 4 x 1000 meter reps earlier in the morning my wife came as well. She's very fit .
  16. I missed that not sure if that's a good or bad thing . My ticker might not have withstood it.
  17. Aye she's the boss . If men do what they are told there life would be so much easier . 42 years married tells you it works
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