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  1. Exactly. The mockery is all the arseholes accepting the decades of pish from an unelected tory government telling us all how to behave. Rule Brittania died decades ago. Britishness R.I.P.. Oh and fuck any Brexit voters while i'm at it Racist ,thick, propaganda sponge, cunts.
  2. There's quite a few reasons to hate huns. My favourite is the fact that they are the reason my country isn't independent of Westminster. Fucking unionist cunts!!!!
  3. If supporters are jerking their knee then no wonder they aren't happy. I prefer to jerk the object next to my knee.
  4. Annoying thing was Hammel arrogantly saying he had us sussed before the match. He was correct.
  5. Why are we even building a new, snazzy stadium for AFC? It's like building a multi-million pound ski slope for Eddy the Eagle.
  6. 4-0 St Johnstone. I'm never correct with the score so we'll win.
  7. Very true^^ A big club wouldnt fuck up every single time (almost) against Celtic or The Rangers either. It may only be one game that has totally demoralised most of us yesterday, but there are too many flaws to fix atm. I hope JG works some magic and we gel better and become this hard team to beat since we have a few good players and a great striker. But that's just a dream isn't it?
  8. That's the huns and after tomorrow, Celtic away from us already ffs. Would've been nice to at least stay near them.
  9. We must use a decent chunk of the money we got to get a defender, midfielder/winger in. Ramadani has too many non-event games where he doesnt seem take some control of the midfield.
  10. Scales tried but it was a very good cross in fairness.
  11. McCrorie was to blame for 2 goals I thought. Really poor marking.
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