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  1. Caden Clark from NY Red Bulls and Rayden Winklaar from CuraƧao both having medicals too I hear....
  2. In other words.... Another spouting shite
  3. Zuta will be 30 next month. Hard to see money being splashed on him.
  4. The devil will find work for idle hands to do!!!
  5. Today being July 1st, players out of contract since yesterday surely start to hit the rumour mill. Jacob Davenport hasn't been mentioned for a long while.
  6. Works a treat. Been using it a long time.
  7. Niemeijer to Brescia in Seria B seems to be a done deal going by the twitter machine and assorted mejia!!
  8. Probably V2 HLA as Lewis number 1
  9. Was it possible that St Mirren were told they had to cough up. Deal was cancelled. Then Gallagher said he wanted out with no compo for contract. Deal back on.
  10. Aug 5th b4 Jersey can be bought.... Grrr!!! Both class jerseys though.
  11. Davenport and Niemeijer both officially out of contract next Thursday. Biggest difference between them is Niemeijer never seems to get injured. He does play at a lower level mind you.
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