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  1. And everyone said Stewart and Roos were solid! McCrorie never a CB same as last season CM only
  2. Email them they will sort it out, I'm got all my family and sons mates on my account really easy once on and the ticket office are well helpful
  3. What in the whole world! Then quiet a few players
  4. Rumour I've heard is Barron won't sign a new deal? Anyone heard anything on this? Gutted if true!!
  5. RB cover for me, I think that's why McClennan isn't gone yet, he's only here incase Richardson gets injured well that was mentioned at match yesterday? I think Hancock will be a Left Side Cente back starter or cover next season depending on his loan spell and Scales. Interesting that 6 and 7 are free but tbh I'd not read much into it, think there will be players leaving before we see any more.
  6. Hence the delay we his signing, issue picked up in medical and I'll stand by that.
  7. Updated my squad from earlier in the window, not saying the first name is the first choice but does show the depth now, can see a RB coming in at some point imo, I've left out CR99 Watkins etc not sure about Bates etc bit I think they are almost there now, when you look at it do we need another CM?
  8. McCrorie worst position is RB keep him away from there, he was awful anytime I've seen him there and is a midfielder and a bloody good one at that! but for me him and Barron are my first 2 names on the team sheet followed by Stewart & Scales, I'd say every other name isn't guaranteed a start, certainly more depth than I've seen for a while
  9. Where's Ramadani and McCrorie playing then? Only 2 deep 1 AM. Can't see either of them warming the bench
  10. Big signing for Hibs, where's our big Signing Dave? Won't win nothing with a team full of potential if they don't fulfill it, hopefully they all do how today pans out will give me a good idea of how the seasons going to go,St Mirren will be a stubborn side just like when Robinson was at Motherwell, tough test tbh! In the league cup we got better each game hopefully we can continue that today.
  11. He's not a no10 so I'm still waiting to see who turns up for that role.
  12. 7 first choice rest back up? big changes though, I've not seen a window like it
  13. Certainly can pass, I've just watched a few you tube vids, just my mate said he was lightweight at Blackburn hopefully he's bulked up in summer, though some comments are he looks like a young Modric on the ball.
  14. My Blackburn mate said he's too lightweight, needed to bulk up, his description of him was like Polvara.
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