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  1. Any hint of signings from Goodwins interview today?
  2. Is it definitely a midfielder that Goodwin sill wants in? I've seen him saying one more in but not what position?
  3. We will get a 10 in. Goodwin has said we are deficient in that area. Signings don't always happen in the order you'd expect
  4. Cormack said club were working on 2/3 so could still be 2 more in
  5. Still need a central midfielder and a centre back
  6. Final day of the summer-long fan driven false narrative that he's leaving then
  7. My guess is the failed medical rumour is pish and he will sign before the weekend
  8. Nobody coming in before St Mirren then?
  9. I can't see Boyle coming to Aberdeen either to be honest
  10. Seems like a bit of a risky signing to me
  11. Is he any good? Without a club now
  12. McGrath would have been one of those at the time
  13. So we could have a couple new signings in for St Mirren on Saturday?
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