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  1. Wednesday night is a time to put rivalry aside. The tribute act are representing Scotland. All non huns must unite and pray for an Eintracht win.
  2. Celtic 4 Motherwell 1 Hearts 2 huns 1 Ross County 2 Dundee Utd 2 Aberdeen 3 St Mirren 1 Hibs 2 StJohnstone 1 Levingston 2 Dundee 1
  3. Remember this jakey? how to capture screen
  4. I’m usually a glass is half full person but by fuck, reading stuff online tonight has given me a real fear for next season. Surely we will be much better once the wage thief’s are away and decent replacements arrive. Cormack caused this, he better be putting in a decent amount of his money to get back onside with the support.
  5. Plastic weegie glory hun ters. The lowest of the low.
  6. By all accounts, you are in the minority, so you are but, you get what I’m saying like?
  7. Even if that disgusting club win next week, we retain the boast of being the only Scottish club to have won two European honours.
  8. Surely nobody says that to a prospective signing. Team selection should be based on a players form.
  9. 37 years anniversary of Valley Parade fire today too. That was horrific viewing on the tv.
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