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  1. Since prison break finished i started watching 2 new series Sons of Anarchy - its really not very good but i keep watching it for some reason. its about a biker gang and err....... thats it really. the smuggle guns, shoot people in rival gangs and they burned of a former bikers tatto last night. Lie to me - Tim Roth is the main man in this and again its noit that good but i cant stop watching. he can basically tell when anyone is lying and he helps catch murderers and other bad people.
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    I watched balls of fury last night and i have to say it was the worst film i have ever watched in my entire life. there was honestly not 1 funny part to it. also watched the condemned (stone cold steve and vinnie jones) which is almost a rip off of the running man and wasnt that good but not as bad as balls of fury The matrix was on the other niight so i had to watch the other 2 again. good films.
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