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  1. Underrated dessert thon.
  2. Roberto


    Love how easy it is to upset the bummers in this thread. Fuck the Vaccine!!!!
  3. Roberto


    It's a pile of shite. Doing my head in as well with folk moaning at me not getting the vaccine. Get fucked.
  4. The way that photo is positioned, had to double take. The position of the blue light makes that doober look like an ecig type thing. Nae booze for me today. Friday I was boozy, had a couple yesterday. No booze next week barring Tuesday.
  5. Was more looking at it from the game at top level has gone. Went for the ball missed it, foul and a yellow card. A red for that is just showing further signs of why the game is fucked. Non contact in 5 years.
  6. Was BBQing all weekend so fine to have food made for me tonight.... Ordered a Chinese. Now pooping after watching Wales Italy game. Asked daughter to pick a film then settle down for the night with popcorn. Prawn/chicken/ham salad all next week. Roll on Tuesday!
  7. Roberto

    In The News

    Craves attention. Will get raped in a few years then wonder why. Saw the train pics as well.
  8. Was a foul and a yellow. Seen worse tackles down Inverdee pitches and doesn't receive a yellow. The game is heading the way of no contact. That's not a red at all. Italian boy completely made a meal of it.
  9. I couldn't really care one way or another, merely just pointing out what you said. You boast when you get things right, so only pointing out something you said, which you didn't abide too. Carry on how you please.
  10. VAR agreeing with that decision is a shocker. Was never a fucking red. Peter Walton agreeing with it. He can fuck off as well. As much as I want Italy to win, that decision can fucking fuck off.
  11. Couple more Italy goals would be handy for Scotland's chances. Fuck Wales.
  12. Trust me. You would need dental treatment if you got all Leeds United with him. MT is hardy cunt. Easy work for him.
  13. You also said you would leave the site forever if you were wrong about him going to the Huns, no?
  14. ^^ you'd get your teeth smashed in min, so bow out now and save your dentist a job.
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