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  1. Some lovely diddies in the crowd of the Raducanu match. The commentators doing their best to big up Raducanu at every opportunity, but as things stand her opponent is far superior to her.
  2. Last season? Fuck that. She should be stoned like Palestinians by the superior nation Israel . @Poodler
  3. Roberto

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    I've pumped an Israeli bird, so yup. Not a Palestinian, but never say never.
  4. Roberto

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    3. I'd shag anything.
  5. Roberto

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    Is there 2 genders or more?
  6. That different shoe wifey (ingolfsson) on twitter is a complete balloon. IMO.
  7. I don't agree with either but I went moobs. Unsure what the convo has been about cause too many posts... I did ip dip dog shit, and moobs won.
  8. Again... missing another option. Scared of competition?
  9. Where's the coat hanger/kick down the stairs option?
  10. 2.4 million. 600k add ons. Deal. Goodbye. Ronan and McGrath.
  11. Saw her at Motherwell away, was defo drunk and high but I'm going with it. Forza Labour until something better comes along when I'm horny.
  12. I'm labour and against Independence. I vote Labour now cause some burd with purple hair whom I follow on Instagram is in the labour party. I defo want to fuck her as she looks filthy so needs must... labour it is.
  13. Roberto

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    Lots of words.
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