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  1. Celtic 2 v 0 Hibs Ross County 1 v 3 Motherwell Hearts 2 v 1 St Johnston Livingston 2 v 0 Dundee Dundee Utd 1 v 0 St Mirren Aberdeen 1 v 3 Huns
  2. These are used in bars where people are limited but not places like ASDA which are over run with people. Never understood that.
  3. Roberto

    Pet Hates

    And again you get the facts completely wrong despite being told... It wasn't a mate. You fail to read simple sentences cause you're the mongo cunt. You've been told that twice but yet still get it wrong.
  4. Roberto

    Pet Hates

    Awa to kip so all good.
  5. Roberto

    Pet Hates

    I'm not disputing any of that you fucking clown. Learn to read. I couldn't give 2 fucks what it was created for when or how. I passed on something I was told. Nothing I personally got wrong.
  6. But but... it doesn't get the credit...
  7. Was in a couple of my classes. An absolute prick.
  8. Roberto

    Pet Hates

    There is someone nearby me that has that on his Volvo... And his other car is a Porsche. Twat like.
  9. Roberto

    Pet Hates

    I personally didn't. I go by what I was told by a more professional person than you or I. He maybe operates that way. If I worked as a member of the emergency service, I may have operated that way, I may not but I'm not part of that sector. Take it up with ambulance dude, he's not a mate. No reason why he would lie, but meh. I won't lose sleep over something I've been told. I would rather listen to that than sooperhanz from AFC Chat on the matter.
  10. Doidge? As in Christian Doidge? Fucking hell.
  11. Roberto

    Pet Hates

    Aye the funnies on here recently are off the scale. Every cunt needs to up their game again.
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