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  1. The chairman has turned into a hero for Sevco fans. I never thought I'd see the day.
  2. When you put it like that it's even worse.
  3. I still can't believe we appointed that guy as a Director of Football. He's been at Pittodrie for 17 years, has never worked anywhere else. Absolutely ridiculous.
  4. I was told of the cricket pitch location back in January. Wasn't convinced back then when told but the person who told me was clearly spot on. Their take on this is that the council are serious about the beach development and want the new stadium there. After a change in shopping habits and then Covid, the council know that businesses would suffer enormously if the stadium was out at Westhill.
  5. Could sign Ronaldo and some folk would moan that he's too old.
  6. I honestly couldn't care who he goes to as long as we get a decent wedge. If this transfer request had been submitted in late July then it would have a been a nightmare. As it is, no rush.
  7. His agent has fucked it by not having a release clause. Let a bidding war commence.
  8. He's under contract unsettled or not. If nobody pays what we want then he's still an Aberdeen player. The club can sit tight and smoke out bidders.
  9. He's on a long term contract. Only one party hold the power here and its not the player. It's May and we're in no rush to sell. Let any interested parties bid for him and take it from there.
  10. Smert. My loon will be all over that.
  11. Imagine Tarquin or Tamara sitting in their £800 bog standard season ticket seats and listening to mutants singing about killing British soldiers or being up to their knees in fenian blood.
  12. Exactly. It's why Doncaster is having a laugh with his comments on the ESL. That clown has done the same in Scotland for years. It's set up for a few, not the many.
  13. I don't think this has anything to do with Covid. I suspect the gruesome twosome will have been badgering for that. There's a lot of revenue to be had for them by going down that route.
  14. Yip. The definition of a fan is different for this lot. Getting under a million fans watching on Sky is one thing. Getting 10+ million watching it across the globe via a streaming service is another thing entirely. These are the fans this is whole scheme is for. There is a good book on the history of the NFL by Michael MacCambridge - America's Game. Everything I've read today tells me that the NFL is the model here. As a result, I wouldn't be surprised to see games taking place in Asia/Middle East. I also wouldn't be surprised to see some clubs move to new locations. They are franchises now, not clubs.
  15. Public opinion in the UK is one thing but the owners couldn't give a fuck. These clubs will get this ESL or they'll get guaranteed entry into the Champions League. Either way it's fucked if you are in a league with any of these founder clubs. The English Premier League is about to become similar to the League Cup. A secondary competition that viewers won't really care about because the money (and its all about money) is in the ESL. Sky will be bricking it. They know those six clubs drive viewer numbers and subscriptions. Their product is about to become devalued. Do they devalue it even more by getting rid of those six clubs? Not a chance. Have to laugh at the likes of Neville. He's fucked over other clubs with Salford and his employers fucked over many with the creation of the Premier League itself.
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