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  1. Yup. Whenever I see or hear someone coming out with that shite I immediately think they're a bit dim or a Hun. Sometimes both.
  2. Was she the person who threatened police action?
  3. Absolutely no time for her. The PR up until this week has been awful and she's stumbled from one fuck up to another.
  4. Zeus. King of the transfer gods. Fair chuffed with this move. Four year deal too.
  5. We signed someone else tonight?
  6. I may be wrong but my recollection is that the deal was pulled because discussion with the manager had been leaked.
  7. If Considine returns then Goodwin will be seen to have little authority at the club. He made a huge song and dance about him being in charge, it being his decision and him wanting a younger squad.
  8. She's put up with worse behaviour from him. Allegedly.
  9. Heard the same name Was sent a WhatsApp message with his LinkedIn profile. Belmar in Portlethen.
  10. Hopefully Dons young team nail the Hun and the boy who posted the video. Shouldn't be hard to find. Broch I hear. Edit. That was quick https://www.instagram.com/cameronreid__/
  11. That is entirely different from your original point.
  12. Come on now. Window doesn't open until Friday.
  13. We've signed players who had offers elsewhere based on that agency pushing Aberdeen as the better destination.
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