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  1. I'd rather have David Murray in goals.
  2. Laughably low figure. If we are looking at under £4m as our asking price then you might as well turn the lights off.
  3. brownie


    Incredible. All these people saying they're ready or defy or do not comply. Suspect the vast majority wouldn't know where to start and think a little scuffle with some Motherwell kids is how to prepare for the battle against the satanic forces of the elites. Far too much time spent surfing American prepper sites and reading nonsense from other nutters.
  4. brownie


    Absolutely mental. Aye, boy on Facebook posted on a link so it must be true.
  5. brownie


    Straight from the GBeebies studio to the protests in London yesterday with other Father's 4 Justice rejects.
  6. brownie


    Brilliant. "Aye, I'd be in the revolution" You wouldn't last a day in the Salvation Army let alone a revolutionary battle.
  7. brownie


    They're entitled to their opinion but you either carry out critical thinking or you don't. The Magna carta crowd don't. The Telegram groups are brilliant entertainment. Folk with fuck all else in their lives being sucked into a cult and serving papers on their local school or hospitals. It's one step away from Cornhill or Esther Rantzen chapping on your door.
  8. brownie


    Covid has puddled people's brains but I genuinely love the anti vax, anti mask, magna carta crowd. A group of who believe they are exceptionally smart, despite being clearly daft. A total lack of critical thinking & an immovable belief that they are in possession of some previously undiscovered range of human intelligence because they've read stuff on Facebook or spent a few hours on YouTube. It's never a good mix.
  9. brownie


    Don't have any issues with someone who started off in dentistry making their way into that role. However, happy to hear your argument about why it shouldn't happen.
  10. brownie


    He's not an ex doctor. He's a nurse practitioner. It's like saying the dolly bird on a flight to Tenerife is a pilot.
  11. I hate the Sevco cunts as much as anyone but they weren't happy with Clancy and he did not officiate any of their games for a period of time.
  12. If the chairman had any balls he'd call that referee out.
  13. If that had been a Dons fan pushing an opposition player the Pittodrie stadium manager would be typing up his season ticket cancellation right now.
  14. I've no issue with clapping for fans that have passed away. No issue with wearing a poppy and sombre remembrance either tbh. It's just been turned into a festival that starts before Halloween, ends after bonfire night and has cheerleaders who wouldn't get into the Salvation Army let alone fight in a war.
  15. It used to be a Sunday. It used to be a sombre occasion. Now it's a Christmas type festival for weird people who romanticise about the two world wars. For these people it's not who had the biggest tree, it's who can have the most realistic recreation of the D Day landings in their garden.
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