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    Mask wearing has dropped off dramatically down here. Seems to be mostly the older age groups cutting about supermarkets and the like still choosing to wear them. Not sure how well its being enforced on public transport which is about the only place they try and enforce it but imagine its sporadic at best. Not bothered with them personally since rules were dropped. Uncle of mine currently in ICU with the covids. His wife also struggling with it but not as serious. Both double jabbed, test regularly and hot on masks.
  2. It’s an interesting development. Scottish football has undervalued itself for years and seems content to keep the status quo and allow the Glasgow two to ride roughshod over the rest. The SFA and the SPFL are just two sides of the same coin. Stuck in the past and resistant to making any radical change that would benefit the game as a whole, let alone levelling the playing field. Its no wonder our clubs get battered out of Europe by supposedly weaker nations. We’ve been left behind. The influence of American investment, where its all about the brand and its component parts and marketing it both domestically and internationally, but most importantly maximising profit might push us in a new direction. Removing the charlatan Doncaster would be a good start.
  3. Redforever's late call up spared our blushes and helped avoid an Acca whitewash. Hopefully a reversal of fortunes this week. Last Week’s Results - 1/6 Don Fonte (2) - Kelly Hearts v Elgin over 2.5 goals Yes - 13/20 Henry - Chesterfield to beat Dover 8/15 Dazzy_deff (1) - Fulham to beat Blackpool 4/7 The Buzzard (5) - Swindon to beat Port Vale. 11/8 King Street Loon (4) - Bristol City to beat PNE 5/4 Redforever86 - Killie to beat Morton 1.50 This Weeks Line up @Redforever86 (1) @Roberto (1) Thedandydon @robbojunior @Durrant Dived @Parklife Bench Ten Caat (1) G31 Don Studebaker-90 (3) Sooper-hanz Don Fonte (2) Henry Dazzy_deff (1) The Buzzard (5) King Street Loon (4)
  4. First real test of Glass’s credentials as manager now. Presumably the players brought in were with his backing so it up to him to get them gelling as team. We have a good squad and some have come in with big reputations but have yet to get going (Gallacher, Longstaff etc). There’s certainly a problem to fix at the back. Maybe Bates will be the answer. Persisting with McCrorie won’t help his case though. We’re creating plenty but the finishing in front of goal has been pitiful. The fact we were dominant in possession against Motherwell gives me some hope that Glass can get us firing once the team have had a few more games to get to know one another’s games and build an understanding. We’ve been dumped out of 2 cups and lost ground in the league so he’s got a job to do to win over the detractors who questioned his suitability for the role. Not quite time to panic yet but needs to get us out of the slump quick to avoid the fans getting on his back.
  5. The Buzzard & KSL's fine runs are ended in a tough week for the acca. just yer 2 in the win column. Both get a chance at redemption however as its back to the proper fitba again. Last Weeks Result 2/6 The Buzzard* (5) - Exeter v Forest Green btts. 8/11 King St Loon* (4) - Acc Stanley v Shrewsbury btts 19/20 Don Fonte (1) - Morton to beat Celtic B. 8/15 Studebaker-90 (3) - Mansfield win @ 5/6 Sooper Hanz - Bradford to win 8/10 dazzy_deff - AFC Wimbledon vs Oxford United BTTS 4/6 This Weeks Line Up @Don Fonte(2) @dazzy_deff(1) @The Buzzard (5) @King Street Loon (4) @Henry @maryhilldon Bench Redforver 86 Roberto (1) Thedandydon robbojunior Durrant Dived Parklife Ten Caat (1) G31 Don Studebaker-90 (3) Sooper-hanz
  6. Oxford & Accrington 1 up, no goals at Exeter so far. Morton leading, Mansfield down 2-1, Bradford level. Bit of work to do 2nd half.
  7. Amended for Roberto's benefit, no wordy outrage necessary.
  8. Late rally last week put a bit of respectability on the acca but never looked like landing sadly. Stude's fine run hits a bump but cashes in his mulligan. Buzzard and KSL still leading from the front. Last Weeks Results 3/6 The Buzzard * (4) - Sunderland v Wycombe btts. 4/5 y Studebaker90 * (3) - Montrose at 4/5 King Street Loon *(3) - Leicester to beat Norwich 17/20 Ten Caat (1) - Aston Villa Don Fonte - Hibs G31 Don - Forest Green Rovers This Weeks Line Up @The Buzzard* (5) @King Street Loon* (4) @Don Fonte (1) @Studebaker-90 (3) @Sooper-hanz @dazzy_deff Bench Henry Maryhilldon Redforver 86 Roberto Thedandydon robbojunior Rocket Scientist Durrant Dived Parklife Ten Caat (1) G31 Don
  9. We're a fair few picks short so far, get em posted lads.
  10. its the Hat acca mate, we dinna need Opta stats here. Thanks anyway though .
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