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  1. Kennedy was in Tenerife a couple of weeks back, not so sure about the back injury
  2. Ramirez has performed well enough and is certainly a decent finisher, he needs to be more greedy as at least twice today he could have gone clean through on goal but decided to try and play a player in
  3. How does he manage to pick up the “hype trainers” is he using bots to win raffles or just buying them of people who have them?
  4. What has gone on with this Zest lad, I noticed he seemed a bit critical of people for not sponsoring or giving him money for his football training, it all seemed a bit manic in sone of his posts.
  5. ullevi

    Pet Hates

    This is similar to the posts you see from parents calling there kids there “best friends”? surely your kid isn’t your best friend and more like your there parent and should teach them things and leave the best friends bit to there actual friends!!!!
  6. Doesn’t look to comfortable at left back, thought we should have pushed him into midfield and taken Longstaff off at half time, told him to get a hold of the ball and play the ball forward.
  7. Hancock is about the only other option at centre back who hasn’t had a chance yet, he won’t be thrown in to a game like that on Sunday. We need centre back cover even more now Andy looks like he is out, our new player recruitment lad should surely have some contacts to get someone in the door.
  8. Strachan and McGhee were big friends throughout there spell with us and always seemed to have chips on their shoulders throughout there spell with us, a pair of awkward buggers is a description I have been told of the both of them by another player who played with them at the time.
  9. I thought were just ok until we changed the formation after about half an hour. Hedges was poor in the first half and looked rusty as he should have had at least one if not two goals and Ramirez missed a great chance as well. came out in the second half looking a lot more composed and Ojo did really well surging forward and his quick feet for the goal and cut back were excellent. The defence looked fragile at times but I thought Mackenzie was excellent, solid in the challenge and got forward well. He looked out on his feet when he went off and gave everything, great to see two young full backs look so good so early in their careers. Would either have got a chance under McInnes?
  10. The shouts from the south stand yesterday were poor. soneone had a go at Mackenzie for not getting forward enough and they repeatedly shouted at him when the lad was obv playing in a system and a way gecwas told. Then there was shouts at JET for being slow etc etc, he has never been blessed with pace.
  11. Was down at this game, most notable things were a lad having a heart attack on the way back to the bus and Zander Diamond coming on to train at the end and getting an ovation.
  12. Surprised by that, was in a month or so back for the Sunday lunch and thought it was good. I would agree with the Ned bit a little though as one or two were kicking about in there that day.
  13. Don’t mind Hunter but he does go on a bit and tends to just go off on tangents. Overall it was a good podcast though and enjoyed it, the 3 lads seem to speak a fair bit of sense, they will need to cut it down a bit of doing it every week as 3 hours was a long listen.
  14. It’s on the e mail when you get a ticket telling you the time you need to enter depending on the area you sit in
  15. Some Ten C jackets mostly sale stock when I was in but a few decent bits, a smaller shop than I thought and seems to be more online but was worth the extra walk. The football exhibition on the salt market at sogo arts is worth a look as well if your down that way.
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