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Found 4 results

  1. 0-1 down after the first leg. We finally have a chance to get through to the groups after 8 consecutive years of qualifying for europe. A £5M match at home under the floodlights. So important not just for this season but for the following seasons boosting our coefficient and making us seeded on a more regular basis. It's the definition of a must win match. This is our leg up. This is our Top 100 status right here. Get your tickets bought. PACK OUT PITTODRIE AND COME ON YOU FUCKIN REDS!
  2. Injured: Devlin Doubtful: Hedges, Campbell and Ojo He's resisted so far to bring Gallagher in and I'm not convinced he's gonna do it in this one (even though the inner McInnes in me says you bring Gallagher in and play McCrorie or Consi at full back). Lewis Ramsay McCrorie Considine Hayes Hedges Brown Ferguson Ojo JET Ramirez subs: Woods, Ritchie, Mackenzie, Gurr, McLennan, McGeouch, Jenks, McGinn, Gallagher, Kennedy, Campbell Prediction: 2-1 Dons : Ojo and Ramirez Crowd: 400 On one booking: Considine, Lewis, Ramsay, Hayes, Hedges and Gallagher
  3. Injured: Dean Campbell Lewis Ramsay McCrorie Considine Hayes Hedges Ferguson Brown Ojo Ramirez JET subs: Woods, Ritchie, Gurr, McGeouch, Gallagher, McGinn, Mackenzie, Kennedy, McLennan, Jenks prediction: 2-1 Dons : Ojo and JET
  4. Suspended: Gallagher Injured: Devlin (presuming he signs before Wednesday) Lewis Gurr McCrorie Considine Hayes Brown Ojo Hedges Ferguson JET Ramirez subs: Woods, Ritchie, Ramsay, Mackenzie, Ngwenya, McGeouch, Campbell, McLennan, Kennedy, McGinn, Jenks, Virtanen prediction: 2-0 JET x 2 (1 pen) crowd: 5,200
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