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Found 27 results

  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/in-your-area/renfrewshire/buddie-banter-st-mirren-beating-26953268?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar I woudnt be surprised if St mirren win, though they are without conor ronan' but we don't have a striker so I'll go 0-0.
  2. In as I like a night time match more bar related prior fun
  3. Probably not going to be the best games as both of us are near enough safe now. Anyone know of somehwere nearby to park that's not extorniate?
  4. Shit times they've been - and Dad has taken action...a ticket has been purchased Havenae been to a game since the days of McInnes - obviously the lack of the lucky talisman (Dad) has caused a big pile of fucking shite...the turnaround starts here
  5. Lewis McCrorie Gallagher Considine Ramsay Ferguson Barron Hayes Vinny Ramirez Watkins
  6. We obviously have to win, I believe we will, handsomely. Fuck Dundee, fuck McGhee (legend as a player). Top six trophy here we come!
  7. This one has nil, nil written all over it, however I'm going with wild optimism, 2-0 Dons. Hibs are shite (as well)
  8. Fergie's in town, Don's win, everybody goes home happy (except the jutes, but fuck them)COYR!!!
  9. It’s time to dust ourselves down and as the saying goes “we go again”. 2 draws this season so far against them and let’s be honest we should have won both. I hope we can raise our game and defeat them on their own patch as that would bring a smile to a few of our miserable faces (after last night’s result). I am being optimistic, Jim may well get a good win at Ibrox.
  10. Will we manage to do more than snatch a draw with Hearts away at Tynecastle or are we going to step up a gear and claim the three points we so desperately need?
  11. Looking like quite a few out for this game; Brown, Gallagher, McCrorie plus the usuals. Kennedy, McKenzie and Montgomery played their way out of the side, in my opinion. Might just have to shitehouse our way through this game. Lewis Ramsay Bates Ferguson Hayes McGeough Ojo Barron JET Vinnie Ramirez
  12. Needs to shake the team up for this game. Too many players just waltzing into the side fair thinking they’re erchie. Managers fault for picking them. Looks like Hayes is out for a few weeks yet. Lewis McCrorie Gallagher Bates McKenzie Ferguson Brown Barron NewDutchBoy Ramirez Someothercunt.
  13. Can we start with 14 men? Woods Ojo McCrorie Gallagher Bates Hayes Brown McGeouch Ferguson Vicente Ramirez
  14. Might scrape a draw. I'd drop Ojo, brown and Ferguson and bring in, ahh who fucking cares. This season is a disaster.
  15. Back to league business on Saturday. Just purchased my match ticket, wasn't many left.
  16. The unbeaten run continues. OK, it wasn't a win, but for what it's worth, I thought we deserved to win, and was it not for the ref ignoring the rapists foul on Hedges in the first half it could have been a very different outcome. Anyway Aberdeen to win 3 nil. COYR!!!
  17. Well, that was shit, but a wins a win and the run continues. Another win incoming against these pretenders.
  18. I know abit early as Saints game first but just went to get my ticket and they are charging £31. That is fucking shocking. Cunts.
  19. Right, normal service resumes here. No fucking about cunts. Smash these dundee fuckers.
  20. Far be it from me to stand on anybodys toes, but fuck it, I'm on a roll and I think that it would be remiss of me not to throw my hat into the ring here. Aberdeen to win again, 3-1.
  21. Fuck it, I'm starting this now. I think we will win again. I'm going 4-2 to the Dons. Come on, give me 3 out of 3.
  22. I thought I would start this one since we won last time I did. I think we'll win. I'm going for 3-0,in hope rather than expectation.
  23. Absolute must win game for Glass, not that it should make any difference. Lewis Ramsay McCrorie Bates Campbell Ojo Ferguson Watkins Jenks Hedges Ramirez No idea why I’ve picked Jenks, in hindsight McGinn or Hayes might be better options.
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