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Scottish Independence Referendum 2

Should Scotland be an independent country?  

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  1. 1. Should Scotland be an independent country?

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Maggie Thatcher should never have shut the coal mines Dayts


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54 minutes ago, daytripping said:

We need new Nuclear power stations, it's the cleanest best value power long term, chances of getting them with the greens in power? chances of funding them with the nats in power? 

Once we have the Tokamaks up and running we'll be able to do away with coal, oil, and to a lesser extent solar and wind. 

Getting closer... 

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36 minutes ago, Ke1t said:

From what I can see online, the Germans periodically will demothball power plants at times of low renewable production or higher prices... seems like it's not a new thing. 

Think Merkel took the decision after Fukushima to get rid of all nuclear in Germany. The shortfall was made up in part by coal.

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