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don corleone

Aberdeen 1 - 1 Sevco

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4 hours ago, aberdeen1970 said:

Fully expecting Hayes to be 'offered' a 2 match ban for the elbow. 

To which the response should be “thanks for the offer, no thank you. Fuck off you masonic cunts”.


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8 hours ago, Ten Caat said:

Would McGregor have gotten a red card had the penalty been awarded?

The whole caboodle has become a minefield of ever changing rules in recent years. I thought that they've done away with the double jeopardy of penalty/red card? If it's in the box, penalty and yellow card only. But outside the box....free kick and red card??

Depends if it is deemed there is an attempt to play the ball or not.


Remember Hedges got sent off cause the SevCo player cut across him and he pulled up trying to get out of the way. As there was no attempt to play the ball, he was off

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5 hours ago, Ramandu said:

Quite right, quite right. But is it rife at pittodrie? It's not, is it (except one man's quota system). It's not rife elsewhere in Scotland either.

Always laugh at that on the tim stories.

“I’ve suffered sectarianism everywhere in Scotland that I’ve been, every job I’ve held every role I’ve filled”

Oh aye, where you been like?

“Troon, Cumnock and Kilwinning on a day trip from Larne”

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