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Chester Don

Anger or Apathy

Anger or Apathy  

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30 minutes ago, King Street Loon said:

Anger at performances and results like last night, but that soon fades to apathy and that's been my general feeling since the last 18-25 months of McInnes reign and into Glass's tenure.

Still have my season ticket and have only missed one home game and also been to a handful of away games. But the away days have mostly been spoiled by our away form, get a god bevvy with pals though.

One of the many good things McInnes did was get me back really enjoying following the dons. I would like to get that feeling back.

I would think a lot will not renew season tickets if Glass stays in charge.

I definitely won’t. 

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It’s largely as I thought, and it is concerning as the apathy a lot of us feel has been borne out from what has now been the best part of two years of really poor football, poor leadership and poor signings.  
I genuinely hope that this is being put down by DC et al as a transition year, (maybe even two until we can clear a lot of the players out) but let’s be honest DC et al cannot and never will overtly tell us or the players that, as they need to keep players on side and fans in seats. 
I  believe if the club were able to share the expected timelines, or even a bit of a plan then at the very least we would understand, even if we didn’t agree.  
It’s the hope that kills us. 


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6 hours ago, aberdeen1970 said:

It's actually pretty hard to put together a 4 man shortlist where Glass is the outstanding candidate 

Very true this. All the more reason to believe Cormack is full of shite & that he basically just steamrolled the rest of the board. They need to step up to the cunt NOW

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When I look at the club management structure I don’t see one person who gives me a feeling that they are up to the job.

Cormack - as passionate and hopeful he is, I don’t see a man who knows how to run a football club. No doubting his business acumen but he’s too much of a fan for the job.

Gunnar - No idea who this guy is but he appears to be a yes man. Simply a puppet.

Mowbray - Don’t know much about this guy. Hard to tell.

Glass - There is no conviction in his message. He looks nervous at times in interviews. Tactically I don’t see anything to suggest he’s got anywhere near enough respect from the players.

Russell - a striker coach whose track record as a striker is appalling. Bit of a poser and not much about the chops.

Henry - Again looks uncomfortable and out of his depth.

Give the job to Broony as player / manager and bring in a respected assistant to support him.

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Last week I thought we’d turned a corner. Just can’t see him turning it around now.

Im at the stage I’d take Lennon to spice things up tbh 😂

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3 hours ago, Dynamo said:

I can keep my mask over my nose and mouth 

Not all hero’s wear capes 

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53 minutes ago, El Pacino said:


Glass - There is no conviction in his message. He looks nervous at times in interviews. Tactically I don’t see anything to suggest he’s got anywhere near enough respect from the players

He look nervous all the time, no confidence his body language imparts that he knows he should'nt be there. Cormack would be doing him a favour calling an end to this farce.

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Voted apathy, but more so for Scottish football in general...and AFC role in it, no more than a bit player.

When the ' competition' is blatantly rigged in favour of 2 clubs, it's hard to get any real enthusiasm going...and maybe age has something to do with it as well.

I don't blame Glass, wasn't even McInnes fault for a long time until he chose to go through the motions. Cormack doesn't really have a vision. I get the impression he sees AFC as a vanity accessory?

Maybe, I'm too far away and not invested as the majority of you guys? BUT still always living in hope!

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Apathy. I haven’t even bothered to give Campbell a rating out of 10 in his thread. 

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